Help getting experimental phonon work

Miguel José Álvarez Prieto mjalvarez at
Mon Jun 14 10:37:00 BST 2010

On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 5:09 PM, Martin Sandsmark <sandsmark at>wrote:

> On Friday 11 June 2010 15:50:27 Miguel José Álvarez Prieto wrote:
> > Hi, I am trying to develop an application to process video while it is
> > being played. I mean, process frame by frame before its presentation
> using
> > the gpu. Something very similar to what quasar does. I have donwloaded
> > quasar source code and built it without problems, but I can not get it to
> > work, neither my own code.
> Hmm, seems like the video data output stuff has been broken. I remember
> looking
> into this with the Xine backend some time ago, but I don't remember my
> conclusion... :<
> I'll check out quasar myself, and try to get it working, and maybe fix the
> Phonon unit tests, so we can discover stuff like this earlier in the
> future.
> :-)
> > If I build phonon from source code (version 4.4.1 or 4.4.2), any
> > application that uses phonon chrashes wit a segfault.
> That shouldn't be happening. :-)
> (There shouldn't be any special steps involved in building and installing
> Phonon, except for distro-specific quirks, I guess.)
> Do you have a backtrace?
> > Any help on how to solve the problem mentioned above or how to correctly
> > build and get working a new version of phonon would be very appreciated.
> > These are my first steps developing with kde technology, I am very
> excited
> > about it and hope one day I will can contribute.
> :-D
> > Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english.
> Your english is much better than mine, I think, so nothing to excuse
> yourself
> for ;-)
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> Martin T. Sandsmark
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Thanks Martin, your help is really appreciated, having a frame grabber is
really important to do a lot of cool things with phonon :)
I'll try to find out what's wrong with my phonon builds, definitely it is
something wrong on my side with file access rights, as I can run phonon
based apps as root, but crahsing knotify and losing some phonon devices...

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