Documentation update for kdemultimedia

Burkhard Lück lueck at
Wed Feb 17 22:04:22 GMT 2010

Hi devels,

the kdemultimedia modul needs a review and update of its documentation.

The current status you see here:

Some comments for the documentation:

1) Dragonplayer seems quite up to date, so a quick review should be cheap.

2) Juk, this doc should definitely be updated asap.

3) kioslave/audiocd, afaik this is still up to date, but could please one of 
the devels check that? That's far beyond my skills.

4) KMix needs an update, gaurav any news here?

5) Kscd
This simple player does not need a documentation, so I change that to an 
article for the kcm module libkcddb.
This documentation has also a chapter <title>The CD Database Editor</title>, 
is this functionality used anywhere in kde multimedia apps (kaudiocreator, 

6) kdemultimedia has a kcm audiocd, but there is no documentation for it.
So I have started to write a draft you find in branches/work/doc/audiocd, but 
that is not more than a skeleton and has to be filled with valid information 
for our users.

I can deal with all docbook related stuff, but need your input (just write 
plain text, that's fine)

Quoting Dominik Haumann (kate devel)
"@Kate devs: you should write documentation. It's sooo important..."


Burkhard Lück
KDE Documentation Team
kde-doc-english at

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