Justin McPherson justin.mcpherson at
Wed May 27 09:24:51 BST 2009

On 26/05/2009, at 1:03 AM, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:

> On Monday 25 May 2009, Justin McPherson wrote:
>> We are moving forward with some "foundational" work, which is listed
>> as the Audio and Video services research in our public roadmap. There
> Are there plans to work on extending Phonon to provide capture  
> capabilities?
> It's something I've personally hoped for for quite some time and  
> it's a little
> disappointing that it remains a "read only" framework still.

No plans now.

> When the roadmap talks about "direct access" what exactly do you  
> have in mind?
> (I can think of a few ways to interpret that :)

For audio it means talking to the device directly, well an abstraction  
of a device :) For video; a surface to render on, it what way  
rendering makes sense for your platform/library/app.

- Justin

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