Progressive download in Phonon

Ian Monroe ian.monroe at
Wed Jun 3 20:09:57 BST 2009

On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 7:49 AM, Jonathan Wong <jhannwong at> wrote:
> Is there a possibility of doing progressive download (pseudo streaming) in Phonon?

Whats wrong with normal streaming? I guess I don't get the difference.

> The DS9 backend uses function RenderFile to employ a "file over network" filter. Well, the filter
> (File Source (URL) filter) is employed at a lower level not in the DS9 backend, though.
> Will the DS9 backend grow to include a progressive download (pull model) source filter? DirectShow
> doesn't have one yet, though one could be written.
> Will Phonon (not backend) evolve to include progressive download?

What is wrong with the Phonon api that blocks a backend from supporting it?

> Will I be able to submit contributions? My last submitted patch got no response.

Did you email phonon-backends with it? Anyways Qt Software should
probably define a system to contribute to their backends. I'm not sure
if kdesupport or using makes more sense. Phonon is
really lacking leadership at the moment.


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