Phonon and Skype

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Sat Jul 11 14:57:14 BST 2009

On Friday, 2009-07-10, Ramon Antonio Parada wrote:
> Maybe you know about this. Skype is asking users what sound backend do
> they use for their next release. Well, they really ask what version of
> pulseaudio do they use.
> You can see the poll here:
> I asked about Phonon support  in Skype and answer was "Afaik, Phonon
> still doesn't have low-latency I/O support for VOIP. " I understand
> that Skype won't support Phonon because of this lack of feature.

This is most likely a misunderstanding on your side and that of Skype.
Phonon is a media API and thus not what they are investigating here.

True, Skype on Linux uses Qt, thus could use Phonon, however just like any 
other program it can use whatever sound API they want without interfering with 
Phonon using apps as long as the two media frameworks in use can share the 
same output method (ALSA, Pulse Audio, whatever).


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