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That doesn't really matter, as long as pulse does not block the audio device
completely it's fine. Phonon was not thought for low level IO operations,
and according to the qt 4.6 docs they (Nokia) are not going to do anything
about this.
I think we'll have to live with an alternative. Pulse is a good option. I've
pulse running at the moment next to phonon, and it works properly. Maybe it
would be easier for us integrating with pulse than for them using phonon
somewhere in the near future.

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On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 8:16 PM, Ramon Antonio Parada
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> Maybe you know about this. Skype is asking users what sound backend do
> they use for their next release. Well, they really ask what version of
> pulseaudio do they use.
> You can see the poll here:
> I asked about Phonon support  in Skype and answer was "Afaik, Phonon
> still doesn't have low-latency I/O support for VOIP. " I understand
> that Skype won't support Phonon because of this lack of feature.
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