KMix OSS4 support in KDE4.4

Tobias Gerschner tobias.gerschner at
Sat Jul 4 22:58:01 BST 2009

On 5/07/2009, at 3:27, Christian Esken <esken at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I just commited KMix's current changes to trunk (upcoming KDE4.4),  
> especially
> the OSS4 support. Originally Yoper (IIRC) did the patch for KDE3,  
> and  Maxime
> Bernelas ported it over to KDE4. Again, a big thanks to both.
> See for details.
> Most important changes are:
> - Wish 166591: "Integrate OSS4 support".
> - Wish  57946: "horizontally movable kmix controls. I added the GUI  
> for
> ordering (w/o GUI it was possible since 2006-02-21)
> The code did compile a few weeks ago, and I hope it still does after  
> merging.
> I am currently not able to compile it (technical issue: I have to  
> convince
> Kubuntu Karmic alpha-2 to compile KDE4.4/trunk), but was "forced" to  
> commit
> anyhow. If you see issues, please report them here, so I can fix  
> that quickly.
>  Christian
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Patch applies and compiles in 4.3 branch. As of now the mixer control  
is not usable though. Common problem of the range and depth of control  
possible with OSSv4. Might pay of to get usability folks involved.

Tobias Gerschner

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