KMix OSS4 support in KDE4.4

Christian Esken esken at
Sat Jul 4 16:27:53 BST 2009


I just commited KMix's current changes to trunk (upcoming KDE4.4), especially 
the OSS4 support. Originally Yoper (IIRC) did the patch for KDE3, and  Maxime 
Bernelas ported it over to KDE4. Again, a big thanks to both.
See for details.

Most important changes are:
- Wish 166591: "Integrate OSS4 support".
- Wish  57946: "horizontally movable kmix controls. I added the GUI for 
ordering (w/o GUI it was possible since 2006-02-21)

The code did compile a few weeks ago, and I hope it still does after merging. 
I am currently not able to compile it (technical issue: I have to convince 
Kubuntu Karmic alpha-2 to compile KDE4.4/trunk), but was "forced" to commit 
anyhow. If you see issues, please report them here, so I can fix that quickly. 


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