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Fri Jan 23 11:53:46 GMT 2009

On Friday 23 January 2009, Aekold Helbrass wrote:

> > If the sound system used by Phonon blocks sound, the configuration of
> > that system or even somewhere below in the operating system is broken.
> Hm... There was something similar about 5 years ago when KDE 3.2 or
> 3.3, when only one sound system could reach hardware, and KDE was
> silent while xmms was playing, and when xmms stopped - KDE shouted all
> the sounds for last few minutes at a time.

Yes, this is exactly what happend when the operating system's sound setup is 
not capable of mixing audio streams at any level.

Since unfortunately a lot of audio hardware seems to lack the capability to do 
the mixing, several "sound servers" were introduced which would do the mixing 
in user space.
Basically all media frameworks have output plugins for each of them, but if 
the overall setup is not done well, some framework might still use direct 
output or output to a different sound server than the others, still leading 
to the same end result.

> And now i thought something similar with Phonon on KDE4. My system is
> SUSE 11.1 with no updates for amarok or KDE and KDE4 desktop, and when
> amarok 1.4 in autostart - it can't start playing while KDE is playing
> startup sound. Same when shutdowning - amarok 1.4 is playing music and
> KDE shows some sound error instead of playing shutdown sound... Both
> amarok and KDE4 are using xine as engine, xine from packman
> repositories.

If both use xine, xine might be configured to use direct output (directly 
accessing the sound device) and the device might not be capable of doing the 

Or the involved processes use different configs for xine (assuming the 
application can provide certain config values to the lib).

I suggest you treat that as a problem with the distribution's sound or 
application setup.
It might have been caused by changing option in one application, it might be 
caused by default settings. Some distribution specific list is probably best 
to investigate this.


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