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Em Quinta-feira 22 Janeiro 2009, às 15:59:21, Aekold Helbrass escreveu:
> Thanx for advice, but Jambi is not very good choise for java
> developer. It has following problems:
> - platform dependent - you should distribute your application with
> libs for target platform, while Swing and JNA is platform independent.

> - size of libs about 20MB. it is very unlikely to use 20MB of libs
> with program about 20KB.

> - Jambi is Qt dependent, version compatibilities could be and issue.

Phonon is Qt-dependent, so this is not an argument.

> - Jambi is autogenerated wrapper, not quite a binding, and it does not
> helps to understand how Phonon works internally.

Jambi is not an autogenerated wrapper. There's a binding tool, true, but it's 
tweaked so that the end result is proper (it's no more a binding than PyQt, 
Qyoto, and any other Smoke-based bindings). 

There's a lot of Java code in Jambi too that is not generated.

Phonon is also written in C++, so if you want to understand how it works 
internally, you need to read the C++ part of it.

> So my question is still here, is there single *.so file to use and is
> there something similar to xine.h to know what to use?

There are two problems with that question.

First and foremost, it's a contradiction in your terms. An *.so file is 
platform-dependent, so you can't use it (see your first argument above, which I 
left quoted). is also 324k in size, so it's already more than 10x 
larger than your 20k application, thereby negating your second argument.

As for the second problem, this is the kde-multimedia mailing list. We can 
help you with Phonon, not Xine.

If you want to load the file (515k), remember that it links to 
QtCore (3.1M), QtGui (14M) and QtDBus (510k). So you still need to handle that 
much space.

In other words, Jambi is worth your time.

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