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Thu Jan 22 14:59:21 GMT 2009

Thanx for advice, but Jambi is not very good choise for java
developer. It has following problems:
- platform dependent - you should distribute your application with
libs for target platform, while Swing and JNA is platform independent.
- size of libs about 20MB. it is very unlikely to use 20MB of libs
with program about 20KB.
- Jambi is Qt dependent, version compatibilities could be and issue.
- Jambi is autogenerated wrapper, not quite a binding, and it does not
helps to understand how Phonon works internally.

So my question is still here, is there single *.so file to use and is
there something similar to xine.h to know what to use?

On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Thiago Macieira <thiago at> wrote:
> Em Quinta-feira 22 Janeiro 2009, às 12:20:59, Aekold Helbrass escreveu:
>> Hi all!
>> I am java developer and it is interesting for me to develop some java
>> bindings for phonon, so java apps will work correctly with phonon
>> sound system. And I need a bit of your help...
>> In xine there is single xine.h file, which describes all possible
>> methods and structured to use xine. Also, it compiles into single
>> and i can "include" it with JNA. Is there some lib name for
>> phonon and is there some documented file to write full-featured
>> backend?
> There are Java bindings for Phonon already.
> Take a look at
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