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Michael Pyne mpyne at purinchu.net
Fri Jan 9 21:16:32 GMT 2009

On Friday 09 January 2009, Georg Grabler wrote:
> 2.) Can I crossfade between MediaObjects in the Queue (as an example)? Like
> having 1 file playing, at aboutToFinish i set another file (mediasource) in
> the queue, and set the transition time to -5 (or any other value which
> seems to fit nicely). Wouldn't this mean, that I'd always need to have two
> mediafiles in the queue, since aboutToFinish is too short before the end of
> the track to make sense for crossfading (at the current behaviour I
> experience), and that the transition time would be a "global" value.
> How would the crossfade in Phonon work anyway? JuK currently fades out one
> track, and fades in the other one at the same time. I don't like that, but
> I think it's as the JuK developer and maintainer intended it to be like
> this.

setTransitionTime with a negative value should do crossfading according to the 
API docs (I'm pretty sure there was no setTransitionTime when crossfading was 
first added to JuK but I could be wrong).  However the docs warn this may not 
work reliably with every backend as well....

As far as fading out a track while fading one in, that's the "cross" in 
crossfade.  I'm not sure how else it is supposed to be, as the fading in this 
case is done since you're playing two songs simultaneously, for however brief 
a time.

 - Michael Pyne
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