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I've problems finding any API Documentation of Phonon. It seems as if
api.kde.org has several broken links and other strange behaviour:
1.) phonon.kde.org seems to have just a mainpage, no documentation
2.) on api.kde.org, when I want to view the phonon documentation, I just get
the kdelibs main documentation page. There, I can't find anything else than
a lot of broken links
3.) On the components page, pressing "Classes" at Phonon -> broken link.

Is there any reasonable documentaiton for phonon, for "users", means a API
reference? I wanted to look up a few problems I have with JuK
(crossfadeToFile is triggered by phonons aboutToFinish as it seems, and
Phonon::State changes to stopped while playing).
Also I'm not sure about if i get the phonon state stopped by the right
Phonon::MediaObject. In JuK, there's a line disconnecting the current
mediaobject (using mo->disconnect(this)), creating a new one afterwards. I'm
still receiving the stopped signal (Phonon::StoppedState triggered by
stateChanged), and would like to know which phonon object triggered that,
and why it was triggered.

Furthermore, aboutToFinish is emitted short before stopped, means both are
emited in less than a second. Therefore, using this as  a trigger for
crossfadeToFile isn't quite the best choice - the question is if that's as
intended in this case.

Any hints?

Kind regards,
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