Qt 4.5 and Phonon best practice

Matthias Kretz kretz at kde.org
Fri Feb 20 19:49:38 GMT 2009


On Friday 20 February 2009 18:48:55 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> HTML5 <video> (in Arora) now works but only with the gstreamer backend,
> Xine backend has sound only but blank video.

I'm pretty sure webkit needs a backend VideoWidget that is able to render 
using Qt. Currently phonon-xine can only render using XV directly, because 
that's what xine has available.
I have not been able to implement a custom video output for xine to render 
using Qt - also because this only became interesting with Qt 4.5 ... and I've 
had Qt 4.5 on my machine for a few days only.

So yes, you need gstreamer for video in webkit or graphicsview.

> But the Amarok people insist
> that the GStreamer backend is buggy and should never be used.

It certainly shouldn't be buggy for the majority of users. There might be a 
few issues left and there are some in the KDE bugtracker - which doesn't help 
because nobody looks into them there.

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