Phonon include header fix, once and for all

Martin Aumueller aumuell at
Fri Dec 11 11:46:58 GMT 2009


On Friday 11 December 2009 12:25:05 Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> I have another suggestion, but only based on the problems you listed. 
> If it is possible to have symbolic library link in Mac, you could have both 
> libPhonon and libphonon. So rename the library, and add a link for 
> compatibility, but only do it on Mac and do it in a binary compatible way. 
> Linking generally would be to libphonon, but on Mac only that would be a 
> symbolic link to libPhonon. Since linking is not smoothly cross-platform 
> anyway I guess there should be no problem with Mac developers trying to link 
> to libPhonon elsewhere.

I expect that to cause problems: by default, the HFS+ filesystem on Macs is created case-insensitively (but case-preserving), and thus creating such a link won't work.

However, it's perfectly fine to install OS X on a case-sensitive HFS+ filesystem, and then this link would be necessary. So it's not so easy to decide based on the operating system alone.


> I am not sure it is possible though, and do not have a Mac to test.
> `Allan
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