Phonon include header fix, once and for all

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Fri Dec 11 11:25:05 GMT 2009

Hi Thiago

I am just making sure I understand the problem.

We currently use <phonon/classheader.h> and <Phonon/ClassName> which fetches 
headers from two different include directories on linux, but the same in 

I don't understand the need for the phonon_compat, but I assume it is to 
support Window developers accidentially using <phonon/ClassName> and expecting 
it to work everywhere ?

The <Phonon/ClassName> form fails on Mac because the first part has to match 
the library-name? I guess You worked around that problem for Qt by using mixed 
case library-name such as libQtCore.

You suggest we change to lower cases phonon and entirely drop the 
<Phonon/ClassName> form. (Btw. what is wrong with phonon/ClassName?)

I have another suggestion, but only based on the problems you listed. 
If it is possible to have symbolic library link in Mac, you could have both 
libPhonon and libphonon. So rename the library, and add a link for 
compatibility, but only do it on Mac and do it in a binary compatible way. 
Linking generally would be to libphonon, but on Mac only that would be a 
symbolic link to libPhonon. Since linking is not smoothly cross-platform 
anyway I guess there should be no problem with Mac developers trying to link 
to libPhonon elsewhere.

I am not sure it is possible though, and do not have a Mac to test.

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