Raw data access

Thierry Bastian thierry.bastian at trolltech.com
Fri Oct 3 10:52:46 BST 2008

Ian is right.

The backend has access to video data. We even have our own video renderer
(have a look at videorenderersoft.cpp in the DirectShow backend).
There is no interface for that in the frontend so no application can access

As for the screenshot, we're considering adding it at some point but it's
not yet done.


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On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 8:41 AM, tomsen <mail at tomsen.org> wrote:
> Hi list!
> Is there already some possibility in phonon to access the images of a
> video-stream (e.g. of a direct-show device)? Does the VideoWidget for
> example get access to the actual images (the code of videowidget.cpp
> is quite small and I coulnd't find anything in this direction)? Or
> does it intermediate only between the source and the drawing functions
> of the actual backend?
> thx a lot!
> -Thomas

Yea the Phonon code itself doesn't have access to it. There was a
proposal for an API to allow screenshots of video (actually I forget
if this went in or not?).

The API would be implemented by the backend, which does have access to

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