Access to microphone with Phonon

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Wed Jul 23 12:10:51 BST 2008

Hi Fabian,

Phonon doesn't support capture yet. This is indeed on our roadmap and would
probably go through using MediaSource.


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I have been looking for information about some details about Phonon 
programming since a few days now, but I am not able to find something 
matching neither on the Phonon site nor on the Phonon library 
documentation on the KDE site (although there is a matching category):

I am looking for some information about writing an application that can 
access an audio input device (e. g. a microphone). If I understand 
Phonon's architecture correctly, this would be some kind of 
MediaSource, wouldn't it? I think this would also match to this 
documentation category:

Unfortunately, recording is not documented very well. Could someone on 
this list help me accessing a microphone?


Fabian Lenzen.
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