Phonon: how to know

Ian Monroe ian at
Thu Apr 10 17:51:16 BST 2008

On 4/10/08, Tanguy Krotoff <tkrotoff at> wrote:
> Hi everybody
> Still coding on VLC & MPlayer backends...
> Here is a question:
> A MediaObject can be linked with a VideoWidget via Path.
> Inside my backend implementation, I would like to retrieve the
> VideoWidget associated with the MediaObject, how can I do that?
> Explanation:
> I want to access the right VideoWidget from MediaObject since I need
> VideoWidget Window ID inside MediaObject::play() (as VLC & MPlayer
> need it to render the video).
> Currently I'm relying on a simple static variable containing the
> Window ID of the last VideoWidget created and this approach leads to
> some bugs.
> Thx

I've only done a tiny bit of backend stuff, so I'm no expert. But
initutively this sounds like something the backend needs to keep track


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