Phonon, Qt and backends. Who creates the backends?

Jens Bache-Wiig jensbw at
Mon Oct 8 13:03:06 BST 2007

> On Sunday 07 October 2007, Jens Bache-Wiig wrote:
> > A possibility would be to attempt to co-operate on the
> > project somehow given that this can be solved practically. But if you
> > have the knowledge that we have committed ourselves to doing this,
> > perhaps you would want to rather focus your efforts on the development
> > of the gstreamer bindings?
> Would it be possible for Trolltech to develop the GStreamer backend in KDE's
> svn repository? That would give you testers, reviewers as well as helping
> hands for free (same for the Windows and Mac backends, btw).

There are several issues that would have to be considered first. Among
other things we would need to have complete control over the project.
Publishing the projects for all to see on Labs' svn however is
something we can and should do however.

> If not KDE's svn then perhaps a git repository?
> Tim has already done some great work wrt being able to debug his backend (e.g.
> Perhaps it would make sense to have a short IRC (or Skype) meeting to discuss
> this?

Yes, we are currently waiting for Thierry to get back. We'll have an
internal meeting first, then we can schedule something on irc.

Jens Bache-Wiig

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