Current sound system status?

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there's a jack output for aRts available. Though I've not seen many 
distributions include it. So if you really want aRts to be able to output to 
jack then you probably have to compile aRts yourself.

The other thing you might try is to let both aRts and jack output to a ALSA 
dmix device. I heard it should work for jack now (though I didn't test it 
myself and I'd expect it to perform worse than with direct hw access).

On Thursday 01 March 2007 22:44, Bob McGowan wrote:
> I use KDE and have been looking into setting up a digital audio
> workstation.
> Generally, the stuff I've read uses JACK to hook things together.  KDE
> has its own sound system and I'd like to know how to use JACK in this
> environment, short of turning the sound system off.  Is it possible to
> plug KDE into JACK, for example?
> I did find two references (3 and 4 years old) about JACK and
> modifications to the KDE sound support.  Is there any more recent status
> information on this?
> Thanks for your help.  And thanks for a great window/graphics/... package!
> Bob

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