Cannot seek ogg flac files

Charles Samuels charles at
Fri Jan 5 17:10:37 GMT 2007

Yogesh M wrote, on Thursday 2007 January 04 10:10 pm:
> I have just installed openSUSE 10.2 and compiled/installed xine 1.1.3
> to get MP3 support. But I'm unable to seek ogg flac files nor any
> progress information is shown while playing. Also it takes huge time
> to change state between play/pause. This happens while playing through
> Noatun, Amarok/xine, and Juk/arts. Though Juk/akode works fine.

Hi Yogesh,

I guess you need to install the akode arts plugin. It comes in a 
package "libarts1-akode" on my debian box and likely has a similar name on 


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