Cannot seek ogg flac files

Yogesh M yogeshm02 at
Fri Jan 5 06:10:29 GMT 2007


I have just installed openSUSE 10.2 and compiled/installed xine 1.1.3
to get MP3 support. But I'm unable to seek ogg flac files nor any
progress information is shown while playing. Also it takes huge time
to change state between play/pause. This happens while playing through
Noatun, Amarok/xine, and Juk/arts. Though Juk/akode works fine.

#a) I can assume this to be a xine issue, but back when I had openSUSE
10.0 and xine 1.1.1 (flac was broken in that release, and I had self
compiled KDE 3.5.4) flac files were still perfectly handled by Noatun
though Amarok was unable to play them.

So, please answer the following: -
1. If Noatun uses arts which uses xine, if needed (correct me if I'm
wrong), then how ogg flac files were perfectly supported (as referred
in #a).
2. If possible, any suggestions about how can I get Noatun to use akode

My audio collection consists mainly of MP3 & OggFlac with (very) few
OggVorbis files. I only use Noatun to play audio.


Yogesh M
Chandigarh, India

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