FW: [Desktop_architects] Foundations of Open Media Software DeveloperMeeting

Leon Shiman leon at magic.shiman.com
Mon Oct 23 18:15:54 BST 2006

on Mon, 23 Oct 2006 18:14:11 +0200 Scott Wheeler wrote:
>Bastian, Waldo wrote:
>> The first "Foundations of Open Media Software" Developer Meeting will be
>> held on the Friday and Saturday before linux.conf.au 2007, one of the
>> world's most respected Linux and Open Source developer conferences.
>> The FOMS meeting is organised by developers for developers, and aims to
>> get the right people together to take the next steps in open media 
>> Meet and discuss your plans for the next 12 months with other developers
>> and forge relationships to unwind the kinks, making open media kick ever
>> more arse.
>Uhm, they seem to have no agenda whatsoever and the deadline is in a 
>week.  It's kind of hard to make a case for getting a group of people 
>together a long way from everywhere with no better explanation than "to 
>get the right people together to take the next steps".

Scott's on target. This was amply demonstrated by OSDL's decision to drop 
the effort following DAM-2. A week to prepare is absurd -- unless, of course 
there is some reason to limit the time frame. The time and cost for those 
without strong corporate support is also an absolute barrier to a 
representative meeting. 


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