KMix on-screen visual volume feedback

Christian Esken esken at
Sun Oct 8 12:39:45 BST 2006

Am Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2006 13:33 schrieb Maciej Borzecki:
> Hi,
> I have created a patch for KMix which provides a visual feedback popup 
> whenever a user changes the volume using global shortcut keys.
> The patch introduces 2 new files: kmixprogress.h, kmixprogress.cpp and 
> modifies modifies several others: kmix.{h,cpp}, kmixprefdlg.{cpp,h}, 
> The patch is against stable version sources for kde 3.5.4.
> The functionality is as follows:
> whenever uses presses global increase/decrease volume keys, a small window in 
> the centre of a screen with a progress bar showing current volume level. The 
> popup disappears automatically after 1s.
> Thers is also a new option in configuration dialog provided named 'Provide 
> visual feedback' (the best I could invent :)). The setting is saved in config 
> file along with all other settings.
> Feel free to send comments.

What happens when the user si running Kmilo? Will two "dialogs" will be shown?


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