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Wed Nov 22 19:48:26 GMT 2006

Hey andriy,

I think the answer to your problem is simple.
You did everething right, id3 tags in mp3 files can be changed in the way you 
discribed. BUT, an AudioCD does not support these information at all...
You cannot keep such information, when you create an AudioCD. For AudioCD 
there is something similar, called CD-Text. You can create AudioCD containing 
CD-Text information with k3b (see the burning dialog for audiocd projects in 



On Wednesday 22 November 2006 20:10, Andriy Babiy wrote:
> Hi all,
> My question is simple: what program should I use to set the tags?
> Actually, I need to change tags of audio tracks before burning them with
> k3b. I am not sure if those tags are the same that can be changed in mp3
> files. I tried to change tags through:
> 1) KDE Konqueror (right click on a filename -> Properties -> Meta Info);
> 2) tagmp3;
> 3) k3b (right click on an audio track -> Properties... ->
> Title/Performer, no Year/Genre tags there).
> I can see all the tags in KHex editor; I can see differences in tags
> when I change any of them using any of the aforementioned methods. But
> when I burn AudioCD and play it with KsCD, I see that some of disks were
> burnt with correct information (Performer / Album / Title), but many of
> them didn't have this information at all, so they are shown as Unknown
> Performer and Track 1 (2, 3, etc.). It looks that my changes had no
> effect at all.
> Is it a problem of setting tags? Or is it a problem of KsCD recognizing
> tags? Or is it a conflict of tag writing software versions? Or is it a
> problem with character encoding? Or is it simply a problem of my
> configuration?
> Many thanks in advance for your advice.
> Andriy
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