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to finally get us started on the overlap of Phonon and Solid:

The goal is this:
The user plugs a new device into his computer
-> Solid recognizes that this could be interesting for Phonon
-> here could be a necessary step to configure the hardware and drivers so 
that the Phonon backends can make use of the hardware
-> Solid tells Phonon, which asks the backend for a new listing of all 
available output devices
-> if a new device is in the list it is added to the persistent device list 
and a passive popup tells the user that a new audio output is available and 
asks whether he wants to open the output device configuration 
-> the device is unplugged, but the output device configuration still lists 
the device (probably should be marked as "currently not available"). Here 
another notification could be needed:
  The removal of a USB soundcard can happen while the device is still in use. 
The Phonon frontend then needs to ask the backend to use the next device from 
device preference list.

Now we have a problem when devices are removed that will never be used again. 
There needs to be a way for the user to remove entries from the persistent 
device list...

A list of devices that Phonon wants to be notified about (probably the last 
one is not Solid's responsibility):
- ALSA devices
- OSS devices
- any other platform specific audio hw devices
- computers on the network that are useable as outputs

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