amaroK 'Fast Forward' 1.4-beta2 Released!

Mark Kretschmann markey at
Mon Mar 6 14:29:25 GMT 2006

Announcing version 1.4-beta2 of the amaroK 'Fast Forward' series

After a few weeks of beta1 testing, many of the bugs reported by YOU, the
amaroK community, have been ironed out. This means it's time to announce
amaroK 1.4-beta2 for your testing pleasure! Once again, please give amaroK a
good workout, and try out any features you might not have looked at before. 

As with any beta release, there are still some known issues, and we would
appreciate your help in tracking down anything else that might cause problems.
Please post any bugs you find (with as much detail as possible) on, after checking noone else has already done so.

    * Equalizer for the GStreamer-0.10 engine.
    * Crossfade in the helix engine!
    * The build date is shown in the "About amaroK" dialog.
    * Show album covers when dragging playlist items. Patch from Jonas
      Hurrelmann <j at>.

    * Don't list the <no engine> entry in the engine selection widget, when
      it's not the active engine. Makes no sense to select this dummy engine.
    * The aRts and GStreamer-0.8 engines have been removed for being obsolete.
    * Automatically skip to the next track in the playlist when a track is
      unplayable. (BR 116555)
    * Don't check for collection changes on startup if Watch Folders is
      disabled. (BR 116173)

    * When deleting a downloaded podcast, the icon wouldn't be updated.
      (BR 122440)
    * Manage Files would create duplicates on collection. (BR 122519)
    * On Statistics Dialog, Compilations would be shown with a random artist,
      and dragging to playlist would add only the tracks by that artist.
      (BR 122363)
    * When editing current dynamic playlist, the adjusting of upcoming tracks
      could be faulty. (BR 122401)
    * Changing database on First-Run Wizard wouldn't work.
    * When loading M3U playlists containing "." or "..", amaroK failed to
      detect that the files are in the collection. Patch by Ted Percival
      <ted at>. (BR 121046)
    * Konqueror sidebar would show garbage for people not using UTF-8 locales.
      (BR 122395)
    * "Open in External Browser" in the lyrics tab works now.
    * Lyrc lyrics script handles tick characters correctly.
    * Crash on startup when upgrading from 1.3, using MySQL. (BR 122042)
    * No more crash on exit or deleting podcast.
    * Handle metadata for .aac files as mpeg instead of mp4. (BR 121852)

The amaroK team

amaroK is a soundsystem-independent audio-player for *nix. Its interface uses 
a powerful "browser" metaphor that allows you to create playlists that make 
the most of your music collection. We have a fast development-cycle and 
super-happy users. We also provide pensions and other employment-benefits.

"Easily the best media-player for Linux at the moment. Install it now!"
    - Linux Format Magazine

IRC: - #amarok,
MAIL: amarok-devel at

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