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Thu Feb 16 22:51:13 GMT 2006

On Thursday 16 February 2006 20:47, Michael Donaghy wrote:
> > What would that be? IMO the default audio server should be JACK, because
> > its the most ambitious sound server regarding RT stability and
> > flexibility (routing) and its already de facto standard for all serious
> > sound and music applications on Linux.
> It also drops out all the time, even with the kernel messiness it requires,
> and is a real pain to use with even vaguely fancy alsa things like dmix. I
> realise I'm in danger of starting an argument here, so suffice it to say
> things have been discussed a lot and not really decided yet.

Yes, you two show the point of Phonon very nicely. :-) For one it just has to 
be jack, or the system sucks. For the other one it has to be anything but 
jack... for a third one anything but GStreamer, and so on.

The Phonon API does not depend on one framework or soundserver but uses 
whatever is used for implementing a backend. So you can have:

gst -> ALSA dmix or Jack or polypaudio or ...
NMM -> OSS or ALSA dmix
aRts -> OSS / ALSA / jack / ESD ;-)
xine -> OSS / ALSA

It all depends on what backends are written for Phonon and what those backends 
support. I'm happy that an NMM backend is in the works and hope to see more 
participation on that front.

Regarding the default: that will be decided when we have working solutions to 
choose from. "let the code speak"

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