Removing aRts

Christian Schoenebeck schoenebeck at
Thu Feb 16 21:33:17 GMT 2006

Am Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2006 20:47 schrieb Michael Donaghy:
> > What would that be? IMO the default audio server should be JACK, because
> > its the most ambitious sound server regarding RT stability and
> > flexibility (routing) and its already de facto standard for all serious
> > sound and music applications on Linux.
> It also drops out all the time, even with the kernel messiness it requires,

Chances are quite high that this is not JACK's fault. There are many things 
beside which can cause dropouts, shared interrupts for example.

That does not mean I would advertise JACK as THE perfect sound server, but IMO 
(and this is also the opinion of the majority of serious audio and music app 
developers) its yet the best^TM and the JACK developers are certainly willing 
to address existing problems.

Shutting up now.


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