configure CDDB-access for Konqueror

Peter Schuetz peter_schuetz at
Fri Dec 8 22:57:20 GMT 2006

I turned my desktop at home into a local cddb-server and am currently trying to teach Konqueror (or audiocd:/ to be precise) to use it. Listening to CD's using Kaffeine, KsCD, and/or KAudioCreator is giving me the correct CDDB-information, so the server itself works.
The main question is: where can I provide information for Konqueror which CDDB-server to use? It always tries to connect to I tried setting localhost with port 8880 (using cddbp) as the CDDB-server in KsCD and KAudioCreator (works for these applications), but it seems kcmcddbrc is completly ignored by konqueror. Which config-file do I have to mess with?
BTW, I'm running KDE-3.5.5.

Thanks in advance.

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