Webcams, eye-candy and Phonon

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Fri Apr 28 08:38:49 BST 2006

On Thursday, 27. April 2006 17:52, Laurent Pinchart wrote:
> The video effects are partially implemented in hardware, and will thus not
> work on third-party webcams. This is not only a marketing issue but a
> technical issue as well.

There's probably something I didn't understand.
Logitech would like to write video processing effects and you're suggesting 
they could integrate it in GStreamer or some other framework. But if those 
effects are partially implemented in hardware how would this work? From what 
I've seen on the website they might also want to do 3D rendering (i.e. 
hardware accelerated OpenGL). So they'd need hardware access to the webcam 
and would probably want to be able to render to an OpenGL widget...

At first thought I was thinking of this belonging even lower in the software 
stack (really close to the driver), but as I have no idea how the h/w 
accelleration works...

Anyway, wouldn't it be possible to have something like LADSPA for video? That 
would feel like the natural fit to me. Just like all the Portland work that's 
being done now to get a Desktop Environment independent layer for ISVs, 
LADSPA (together with DSSI) and a video equivalent could be our answer to 
ISVs. It would be great if some people from GStreamer, NMM, KDE, Gnome and 
Logitech and other interested ISVs could flesh out the requirements for such 
an interface. I would definetly be interested in helping to work out such an 

Ok, just so nobody get's this wrong: This is not about not letting GStreamer 
get more support, that's not what I want (to the contrary, I want to see a 
rocking GStreamer and Phonon-GStreamer backend, and KDE making use of all the 
possibilities it gives us). It's about making the ISVs work available to the 
biggest audience possible. This way you develop it once and can be sure that 
everybody who wants to make use of it can do so. If it turns out that this is 
too complicated or doesn't make sense, we dump it...

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