multimedia meeting agenda

Zack Rusin zack at
Tue Apr 25 15:13:44 BST 2006

On Tuesday 25 April 2006 05:38, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> On Tuesday, 25. April 2006 06:15, Zack Rusin wrote:
> > Just as a heads up so that it doesn't come as a surprise I'll be most
> > likely adding some multimedia support to Qt 4.2. Where "some" is defined
> > by the needs of SVG 1.2.
> He, it's already a surprise. :-P I have no idea what the needs of SVG 1.2
> are, though...
> Anyway what are your plans regarding audio output? Use PortAudio or libao?
> Or will you write your own output abstraction?

At the moment on *nix platforms I'm going to use GStreamer and Xine. Same for 


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