Sound and Multi-user

Carl sleepkreep at
Fri Nov 18 19:14:57 GMT 2005

> Hello,
> I would like to know if it is possible to have sound on 2 differents
> sessions (2 differents users) when we launch them with kdm. Because the
> mixer of the second session is empty...

I'm glad you brought this up.  Yes, it is possible as stated before by the 
other replies.  However, when you do this, if you are playing something on 
one session and then switch to another session, the sound for the first 
session will keep coming through.  I wanted to propose that with KDEMM sound 
not go through if the VT it is associated with is not active.  So if the 
first session is playing sound, when a new session is started or switched to, 
the sound for the first session stops being heard and the sound for the new 
session goes through.  This is possible, yes?

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