ARTS Migration Plan (brainstorming)

mETz mETz81 at
Sat Jul 30 13:59:15 BST 2005

On Samstag Juli 30 2005 14:20, Christian Esken wrote:
> I tried to find out where we have explicit ARTS dependencies in KDE trunk
> applications.
> [...]
> kdebase/kcontrol/arts/

Probably optional already if passing --without-arts to configure.

> kdelibs/arts/kde/

This links arts and kio and does some mimetype magic. I wish I knew what will 
happen to it in the future.

> kdemultimedia/mpeglib/lib/output/

mpeglib is dead, akode is the preferred mpeg-backend for arts, that's why 
there's an "arts_plugin" in akode.

> kdemultimedia/akode/arts_plugin/

Does not get built when --without-arts is passed, i.e. it's optional.

> kdemultimedia/juk/

arts is optional there too AFAIK.

> extragear/multimedia/amarok/src/engine/arts/          # Hint: I don't have

Optional plugin, may the amarok devels correct me if I'm wrong here.

> The modules kdegames, kdegraphics, kdenetwork, kdetoys, kdepim, kdeutils
> were not reported in my check. Thus very likely they don't use ARTS.

Hmm, no game in kde has sound? I can't believe that :)

> So here are the questions:
> 1) Who do use/support/rely on the "arts SVN module" as "DEFAULT sound
> solution" [because it works best, or have ]not been ported, ...]. For
> exaple IIRC krec currently does work at all without arts.

Just for the record, Noatun3 in make-it-snow branch doesn't depend on it 
anymore (it's optional and refactored into a plugin).

> 2) Is there a timeframe for these applications (for the migration away from
> ARTS) 3) Are there prerequisites before migrating these applications away
> from ARTS?

I think this is non-sense talk as long as there is nothing to migrate _to_ :(

Maybe the kdemm people could enlighten me and other "outsiders" about the 
current state. I'm still waiting for it in order to write a Noatun3 plugin 
for testing :)

Bye, Stefan aka mETz

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