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Ronald S. Bultje rbultje at
Sat Jul 30 13:17:42 BST 2005

On Sat, 2005-07-30 at 11:11, mETz wrote:
> > 1.  ALSA.
> Indeed, I had a hard time setting dmix up on my stupid laptop 
> onboard-soundcrap. That's really not convincing me that Linux now has got a 
> _working_ kernel-level mixing :(
> > 3.  GStreamer.  As of GStreamer 0.8.10, it still can take up to a second
> > for sound to stop playing when pausing or stopping.  Versions of GStreamer
> > prior to 0.8.7 had major issues playing .wav files.  I still haven't
> Exactly, that's why I told some people on irc already that I won't put more 
> work into a gstreamer backend for Noatun3. Sure it can play stuff but seeking 
> and pause/unpause sounds ugly right now. I'm still having hopes for gst 
> 1.0...
> > GStreamer with the alsa sink also exhibits PCM contention problems;
> > probably ALSA config problem again.
> Didn't have problems after updating to a more recent gst version, it was buggy 
> before though, the gst folks told me to use osssink :)

You guys aren't the only one having a hard time getting ALSA to work
properly... ;-).

Just want to say we're aware of some of those deeply-nested issues that
you mention, and we really are working on fixing them. I wish it was a
one-day fix, but it isn't... Keep your hopes up, we'll get there.


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