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Christian Esken esken at
Sat Jul 30 13:14:32 BST 2005

Am Samstag, 30. Juli 2005 00:55 schrieb Michael Pyne:
> On Friday 29 July 2005 10:14, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> > Does anyone have an objection to aRts being removed from trunk?  If not
> > I'll give him the "ok" in the next day or so.
> I have no objections.  In fact I'd like it to be removed.  Although not for 
> the reasons that there was a big flamewar over.

One word ahead: KDE's general development style is to have the trunk version compiling/usable/working at all times. Yes: I am aware that there are exceptions, but these are always short periods.
So this means: If there applications that have not yet migrated away from ARTS, keep up ARTS (in some way or another). But if ARTS doesn't compile, and no one fixes it: Remove ARTS

> I'd like it removed because if not we'd have two independent copies of arts in 
> trunk.  Branch 1.5 (which will be released with KDE 3.5, no?), and /trunk.  
> Any fixes that get applied should get applied to both, and so it makes no  
> sense to have both, as it's likely that they'll get out of sync 
> unnecessarily.

Good point. And I'd like to add: Fixing it in branch is *much* more important than fixing it in trunk (because trunk effectively means KDE4).
Charles, is there anything you like to add here? For example comments why it is easier for you to fix things in trunk than in branch? Abviously you would need to checkout branch ARTS, but this can't be your whole concerrn, right?

> svn will check out any URL you give to it, and if you're using kdesvn-build 
> you can just stick "branch 1.5" into your arts module config, re-checkout, 
> and be done with it.

Are you sure: Will any application in trunk compile/work with that version? Probably subtle fixes were appiled, so that it compiles with QT4 (source code fixes, #include's , #define's, ...).

> The only issue is that branch 1.5 is supposed to be frozen for bugfixes but 
> since aRts is currently unmaintained I don't see that as a huge issue.

Fully agree here.

Please see also my next mail (ARTS Migration Plan).

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