aRts in trunk

Mark Constable markc at
Fri Jul 29 22:11:39 BST 2005

On Saturday 30 July 2005 06:47, Charles Samuels wrote:
> Ack, let me try again.  aRts works: it is currently, as far as I can tell, 
> the best working solution to media playback for the purposes of Noatun.

I can't use Noatun, never have, because of it's dependency on a non
working arts.

> > 183 open bug reports, most of which have no hope of ever being resolved tells 
> > a different story.
> How much software do you know is perfectly flawless?

More the point, how many can you point out as badly maintain as arts ?
> ...
> The point is that "pretty much everyone" is wrong because they've been 
> fudded so much.  Arts works just fine for many tasks.

It has NEVER worked on my AMD64 box since I got it 18 months ago,
with either Gentoo or Kubuntu.

I have to use the xinelib audio system in amaroK 1.2.4 (and earlier)
because even it won't work with arts... so I am also one person who
has NOT been satisfied with the "just works" arts solution for longer
than I care to remember.

> > I don't see where I've been particularly emotional.  aRts is not maintained; 
> > it hasn't been maintained for years.  It needs to be maintained and nobody is 
> > willing to do that.  There are alternatives that are maintained.
> You want to throw it away the instant you can, for no reason what so ever.

"for no reason" !! Did you actually read the previous paragraph!

> ...
> I don't see any point in fixing its 183 bugs it has given that I know that 
> I likely won't be using it in a year. That one year is the time I'm 
> concerned about.

Thanks, it'll no doubt continue to not work for me for the next
year too.

> So here's a compromise: we leave it as it is, and when an alternative 
> works throughout all of KDE, then we can move it out.

Great, that will help delay a better alternative.


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