aRts in trunk

Charles Samuels charles at
Fri Jul 29 18:47:53 BST 2005

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> On Friday 29 July 2005 17:35, Charles Samuels wrote:
> > What branch? from trunk? I'm still using it in trunk.
> Trunk is now being used for KDE 4 development.  KDE 3.5 is in 
> branches/KDE/3.5.
I'm aware of that. What are you talking about?

> Given that we're not planning on supporting aRts in 4.0 and that I don't 
> expect any further development on aRts in trunk, I personally don't see a 
> reason to keep it there.

And what if there is?

Advantages to keeping it in trunk:
- I can easily make fixes to it if I need.
- I can use it and it'll be easy for testers to as well

- You don't have to look at its ugly face.

No, I think you just don't like aRts and want to see it go away, even 
though, as I've said, we haven't decided on an alternative, because the 
alternatives suck too.

Of course, it seems, you've already made up your mind, so whatever I say 
won't matter.


-Charles, who's getting fed up with politics

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