Kradio installs but does not play

Benjamin Sher delphi123 at
Mon Jul 18 07:51:48 BST 2005

Dear friends:

[Using Debian 3.1 Etch (testing) with
0.3.0 snaptshot for Debian (2004-02-28)]

I downloaded and installed the snaptshot debian packaget. It installed fine, 
but I have having problems. Can you help, please? I had used the same version 
a month or so ago on Red Hat and it worked fine, played all my stations in 
full stereo. If it worked on RH, why shouldn't it work on Debian 3.1? Same   
computer, same hardware. The /dev/radio, I assume, is a virtual device. I 
played Kradio fine on RH without any real radio device. Please see data 

Would appreciate your help.

Thank you so much.



(from the console and from the log)

sher at localhost:~$ kradio
kradio: 2005-07-17T06:19:44 Debug: initializing kradio lirc plugin
kradio: could not connect to socket
kradio: No such file or directory
kradio: 2005-07-17T06:19:44 Warning: Initializing kradio lirc plugin failed
kradio: 2005-07-17T06:19:45 Debug: StationList::readXML: temporary
file: /home/sher/.kde/share/apps/kradio/stations.krp
kradio: 2005-07-17T06:19:45 Error: V4LRadio::readV4LCaps: cannot
open /dev/radio

2005-07-17T06:12:55 logging started
2005-07-17T06:12:55 V4LRadio::readV4LCaps: cannot open /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:14:23 V4LRadio::readV4LCaps: cannot open /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:14:34 V4LRadio::readV4LCaps: cannot open /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:14:34 V4LRadio::radio_init: Cannot open radio device /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:15:21 V4LRadio::readV4LCaps: cannot open /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:15:21 V4LRadio::radio_init: Cannot open radio device /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:15:59 V4LRadio::readV4LCaps: cannot open /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:15:59 V4LRadio::radio_init: Cannot open radio device /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:16:22 V4LRadio::readV4LCaps: cannot open /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:16:23 V4LRadio::radio_init: Cannot open radio device /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:18:08 V4LRadio::readV4LCaps: cannot open /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:18:09 V4LRadio::radio_init: Cannot open radio device /dev/radio
2005-07-17T06:19:23 StationList::readXML: parsing failed Benjamin Sher
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