Timidity and arts

Christian Esken c.esken at cityweb.de
Wed Jan 12 21:11:04 GMT 2005

Am Mittwoch 12 Januar 2005 09:22 schrieb Ole Jacob Taraldset:
> Hi,
> This has probably been asked before, but I've been unable to find a resent 
> definitive answer.
> I have a soundcard without built-in MIDI capabilities (VIA 8235) in my FC3 
> box. I'm trying to have midi sound using timidity and the ALSA virmidi 
> module. This works just fine when trying to run a non KDE midi program, but 
> it does not cooperate well with arts, at least I'm unable to use kmid as it 
> crashes. Hitting "play midi sound" (or whatever it says) in KDE control 
> center plays nothing. The timidity interface shows up in the menu where I can 
> choose midi interface.
> Is timidity know to work/not work with arts? Which timidity command line can I 
> use to get it working?

timidity --help

Available output modes (-O, --output-mode option):
  -Od          dsp device
  -Os          ALSA pcm device
  -OR          aRts
  -Oe          Enlightened sound daemon
  -Oj          JACK device
  -Ow          RIFF WAVE file
  -Or          Raw waveform data
  -Ou          Sun audio file
  -Oa          AIFF file
  -Ov          Ogg Vorbis
  -Ol          List MIDI event
  -OM          MOD -> MIDI file conversion

So it looks like -Or is your friend. I have never tried myself, though.


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