CDDA support in Noatun

Stuart Longland stuartl at
Sun Jan 9 13:44:30 GMT 2005

Stuart Longland wrote:
> I've just tried it here -- no luck.  Inside Konqueror under Services, 
> there is a "Audio CD" listing there, but clicking on it just tells me 
> that "audiocd is not a valid protocol".  I'd say it's to do with my 
> system's config (I have a SCSI CD burner and a IDE DVD reader on my 
> machine, neither of which link to /dev/cdrom) so I don't think kdelibs 
> is to blame here.

	*Update:* It seems that the version installed by Gentoo portage was a 
little on the broken side.  After executing:

# emerge -f kdemultimedia
# tar -xjvf /home/portage/distfiles/kdemultimedia-3.3.1.tar.bz2
# cd kdemultimedia-3.3.1
# ./configure --with-paranoia --with-lame --with-vorbis
# make -C libkcddb
# make -C kioslave all install

	and creating a link from /dev/sr1 (DVD reader) to /dev/cdrom, 
everything Just Worked.  I also had an 1D10T error with the amplifier -- 
that is, it appeared to work, but no sound -- the amp was switched off, 
but those problems sorted, it seems this system will do just about 
everything I need.

	However, having fiddled with it after a while, I'd say there's still 
work to be done.  This method is almost certainly better than what I 
invisaged, however for the needs of this application, I need to be able 
to play any arbitary track almost instantaneously.

	At the moment, there's a delay whilst the file is ripped to $HOME -- of 
course, once it is present, it can be played even during the ripping 
process.  Unfortunately the delay for the system to get around to the 
desired track is going to be a real problem.

	Is it possible for the system to stream the audio off the CD directly 
rather than buffering it to disk?

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