CDDA support in Noatun

Michael Donaghy mdonaghy at
Sun Jan 9 13:36:10 GMT 2005

On Sunday 09 Jan 2005 12:08, Stuart Longland wrote:

> >> Is there a preferred way to develop input plugins?  Ideally, I'd like
> >>to make an input plugin that can say, take a URL of the form:
> >>cdda:/dev/cdrom:2 (or similar), meaning play Track 2 from /dev/cdrom.
> >>I've just poked through the documentation, it covers making Interfaces,
> >>Visualisation and Effect plugins, but I don't see much talking about
> >>input plugins.  What would be the best way to tackle this?  (Note, I'll
> >>be doing a crash course in C++ in the process)
> >
> > KDE actually does have something similar. It's the audiocd-ioslave (part
> > of kdemultimedia). If you have it installed you can browser an audio-cd
> > in konq using "audiocd:/".
> > Now the problem with ioslaves is that you cannot seek in files using
> > their API. You can just download/upload files using them but that's
> > actually most of it.
> > The best way to solve this problem all and for once would be if kio would
> > be more unix like and have open/close/read/write/lseek calls. So far
> > nothing has been done towards this direction (this would be something to
> > be "fixed" in kdelibs) :(
> I've just tried it here -- no luck.  Inside Konqueror under Services,
> there is a "Audio CD" listing there, but clicking on it just tells me
> that "audiocd is not a valid protocol".  I'd say it's to do with my
> system's config (I have a SCSI CD burner and a IDE DVD reader on my
> machine, neither of which link to /dev/cdrom) so I don't think kdelibs
> is to blame here.

Erm, you did set up the correct cd drive in Control Centre, yes?
If it's still not working, maybe try recompiling? I can use audiocd:/ to 
access audiocds fine, but it's a configure option.

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