Wanted: aRts-engine maintainer for amaroK

Martin Honermeyer maze at strahlungsfrei.de
Sun Jan 2 18:56:35 GMT 2005

Hello Mark,

I am using the aRts-engine, too. As far as I know, it is not possible to
have sound in other KDE applications simultaneously, with the other engines
(Xine, GStreamer). I have email notifications in KMail, for example.

This is a great drawback and the reason why I am still using the
aRts-engine. I think most of the other people have the same problems, too.
Also, GStreamer didn't ever work for me (AMD64 user)..

Is there any workaround / solution I have overlooked?

Happy new year!

Mark Kretschmann wrote:

> Situation is as follows:
> 1) aRts-engine is currently unmaintained (and has been for quite some
> time). The longer it stays unmaintained, the more bugs will show up,
> especially subtle incompatibilities with newer KDE releases.
> 2) None of our devs uses aRts these days. We're lacking both the time and
> motivation to maintain aRts-engine.
> 3) From user feedback we have learned that many folks still use the
> aRts-engine. Any crashes/problems with the engine will automatically have
> a negative effect on amaroK's overall reputation, as the user often can't
> tell what the cause of a problem is. At some point (perhaps for 1.2 final)
> we will be forced to disable this engine entirely, if a new maintainer
> cannot be found.
> So, if you are interested in doing the job, please let us know.

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