Wanted: aRts-engine maintainer for amaroK

Mark Kretschmann markey at web.de
Sun Jan 2 11:02:58 GMT 2005

Situation is as follows: 
1) aRts-engine is currently unmaintained (and has been for quite some time). 
The longer it stays unmaintained, the more bugs will show up, especially 
subtle incompatibilities with newer KDE releases.
2) None of our devs uses aRts these days. We're lacking both the time and 
motivation to maintain aRts-engine. 
3) From user feedback we have learned that many folks still use the 
aRts-engine. Any crashes/problems with the engine will automatically have a 
negative effect on amaroK's overall reputation, as the user often can't tell 
what the cause of a problem is. At some point (perhaps for 1.2 final) we will 
be forced to disable this engine entirely, if a new maintainer cannot be 

So, if you are interested in doing the job, please let us know. 


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