patch: normalize effect for noatunarts

Felix Berger bflat1 at
Sun Jan 2 16:35:49 GMT 2005

On Sunday 02 January 2005 16:20, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> I'll try my best to commit this asap together with all the other changes
> here (already 60kb of diff *pweew*).

Cool. If I can help you porting some plugins or do some other stuff, let me 

> Yes, sorry, I forgot about that while evaluating the whole plugin loading
> system. It first started with a hardcoded list and later changed to config
> reading, but at that point my config already had the necessary keys set so
> I didn't notice.
> I will commit some working defaults soon, together with a ported Excellent
> interface in case somebody cannot live with KJöfol (hi Charles *g*).

No problem, it took a little time to debug it, but I had to learn about the 
new way plugins are loaded anyway ;-)

> Not really. I think enabling/disabling effects and setting their parameters
> in a generic way can't be too hard for simple ones like this (I need that
> interface for pitch as well so you certainly will get an API sooner or
> later). It's just that the effect itself has to be redone for every backend
> because they might use completely different approaches.

That would be good news. Thus plugins depending on some backend effect would 
just have to link against libnoatun. Still, it'll be quite some work to 
provide even the basic sound effects for all backends and unify them behind a 
simple interface.


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