better cd identification engine with cover art and extra attributes

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Wed Aug 3 19:35:16 BST 2005

Am Mittwoch, 3. August 2005 19:45 schrieb johan kdks:
>My friend just installed, an open source Linux media project.  Whenever he inserts a CD, it recognizes the disc, displays the cover art, along with all the detailed attributes, like a Windows XP Media Center does.  It also seems to cache this locally since the next time he puts the disc in the recognition is instant; first time there's a 2 second delay or so.  Can this identification engine be used instead of freedb?  Or do you already use it?

I have serious doubts about the usefulness of Pluto.

Pluto also needs a source for mapping from CD to Name / Cover / ...
So what is it? I haven't found specs for that. Probably it is also FreeDB.

Also the Pluto manufacuterer claims that Pluto is OpenSource. But he doesn't say which parts are open-source, and fails to name the license(s), even on the download pages.
Also this Pluto stuff looks big: I am estiamting 20 library packages and 40 application packages (RPM or DEB). I doubt that  it is of good useage to try that.

A better way would be to extend Freedb with new fields.
Ot to implement Cover Art detection on top of FreeDB like Amarok does with MP3-Tags.

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