KDE, arts and networked sound.

Lars Bungum lars.bungum at copyleft.no
Thu Mar 18 14:59:48 GMT 2004


I tried to get this working under KDE 3.1, but wasn't able to and
decided to wait for 3.2 that was just around the corner.  Now it's here,
and I see in the sound configuration that you can enable networked

But still I fail to grasp the entire process, and ask openly again if
there is somewhere I can go for a HOWTO-ish explanation of the steps
needed or other sources (I'm OK with reading a bit).

The scenario:  A diskless client machine with a sound card boots and
queries a server running kdm with a simple "X -query".  I want the sound
from my KDE session on the server to be put out on the diskless client. 
But I'm not sure how I should configure it to do so (mcop/dcop, etc).  

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