Cannot play the same playObject more then once?

Charles Samuels charles at
Fri Mar 12 12:35:16 GMT 2004

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Neil Stevens wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> On Thursday March 11, 2004 7:52 pm, Bernd Donner wrote:
> > So is this code supposed to work on a correctly installed system?
> > I have attached the complete sources with a small make script and the
> > used sound.
> It never worked for me while working on Kaboodle.  As is the case for most
> things involving aRts, there really isn't enough documentation to say
> whether it's an app bug, an aRts bug, or a PlayObject bug.

I believe this is an mpeglib bug.

It's not really a problem, just don't try to play the same file twice :)


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