little idea for kmix

ogott ogott at
Thu Mar 4 17:52:33 GMT 2004


i'm new to the mailing list, so please don't get angry if that has already 
been discussed. i searched in the archive, but didn't find anything on this.

i posted a few minor suggestions on multimedia keyboard support in the 
look'n'feel mailinglist and i found that in kde 3.2 there's a program called 
khotkeys that does exactely what i meant.

the other idea i had (and what is relevant to this mailinglist) is the 
these multimedia keyboards often have volume up/down keys that probably some 
people would like to use in kde. generally, this wouldn't be a problem with 
some amixer-commands. but i thought that it would be nice to have an 
on-screen volume bar when volume is changed. there are such programs for 
windows: when you change the volume using the keyboard, there is a volume bar 
at the bottom of the screen. if kmix supported such a feature and had 
dcop-support, this would be nice too.

i hope you know what i mean...


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